Categorifying Non-Idempotent Intersection Types

Giulio Guerrieri
19/02/2021 - 15:00
Online su teams:

Non-idempotent intersection types can be seen as a syntactic presentation of a well-known denotational semantics for the lambda-calculus, the category of sets and relations. Building on previous work, we present a categorification of this line of thought in the framework of the bang calculus, an untyped version of Levy’s call-by-push-value. We define a bicategorical model for the bang calculus, whose syntactic counterpart is a suitable category of types. In the framework of distributors, we introduce intersection type distributors, a bicategorical proof relevant refinement of relational semantics. Finally, we prove that intersection type distributors characterize normalization at depth 0.

This is joint work with Federico Olimpieri, accepted at CSL 2021.